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OO.o 2.0 has arrived big time!

Ever since I installed OO.o 2.0 on my machine, I have wanted to make this post. Here is a TRUE Open Source word processor that works perfectly in tandem with the browser. Let me elaborate. My dad frequently visits some spirituality sites and he prefers to copy some of the text on the site and [...]

Apr acting funny!

For some months now mail has been behaving rather strangely. Sometimes when I login, where it says, welcome email id, it displays some other email address! And below, where it says, Welcome Shashank!, too it displays somebody else’s name! The surprising thing is that this screen lasts for a couple of seconds and then [...]


Copying and innovation: Where should open source draw the line?

Interesting read. Talks about the freedoms of creating derivative work . It discusses the right to create derivative work, with the intent of making competition, ie, hurting the original project. The post has, as an example, the social bookmarks and its inspired counterpart Look at that, even the name is similar. I have [...]

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