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Flavours of SPAM

Spam comes in many flavors. I think that SPAM is like grapes. SPAM has all the attributes of grapes. SPAM can be sweet, it can be sour, it can be tangy and it can be a dud. Sample this: Sweet: Give your mother/aunt/grandma a special gift. First 500 clickers get to eat at their favourite [...]


Spam attackers getting stupid

Or is it just the Nigerian/Norwegian spammers? I do not know. But I am sure of their desperate desire to coax people into believeing their tales of horror and anguish. I mean, how brain-drained (I just invented the word) could someone be to not be able to regularly come up with new stories about their [...]


Extensions add wings to Thunderbird

Contrary to what some people think, brother geekybodhi is not out of action, and definetely not off the charts. Here, he is presenting the cool extensions that you can use to extend the functionality of your Thunderbird installation. Enjoy!

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