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Google talk using GAIM

I wonder why most of things google makes are first made available for the windows platform. Considering that they run Linux servers themselves, this move of theirs is a turn-off for me. Anyway, in the traditional google standard, the google talk IM has been released for windows. But there is hope for linux users. Especially [...]


WSJ spreading word about phishing

This is an article published today in the WSJ. It is a beautifully written piece with some good quotes and important remarks. The article talks about the splurge in the phishing attacks recently and the shockingly-fast rising number of people succumbing to these attacks. The piece is full of information, which alone should help making [...]


Popular CSS resources

You know it’s worthy of a look if it’s on /dot. This story sheds light on some awesome CSS resources such as stylegala and Ruthsarian Layouts, among others. I have to admit, all the links in the article are indeed great resources for CSS. I feel that there are a couple of others which need [...]


CSS and the game of hide and seek!

You can do some cool things with the CSS. For starters, look at my more.htm page. It’s all CSS. The links are what I am talking about. All the information is on the same page. The links don’t take you to a seperate page. When you click on a link, it just displays the text [...]


Keeping spam away

It’s better to be cautious of the mails you reply to. This article identifies the ways in which you may unsuspectingly provide your email address to spammers. The first thing you need to understand is that spammers are not GOD. They may send you an email but they don’t know if it’s valid. To determine [...]

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