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Acer 2312 TravelMate

Like I had posted before, I recently bought myself an Acer 2312 TravelMate notebook. It’s time to rave about the machine. The 2312 comes equipped with 256 mb DDR memory, which coupled with its 1 mb L2 Cache and 1.4 ghz processing power is pretty fast. It has a 15″ TFT screen. You get a [...]


Adaptive blog refferer spam

This has totally amazed me. I logged in today to see the traffic my blog was attracting and lo-and-behold, right on top was “”. Blimey! That’s some serious adaptive work to get people clicking on the link. It’s a porn link of the perverted kind, ofcourse. linux-doc! How could they ever think of something like [...]


Spammers set packing in Singapore

Well, almost. Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore has opened their Spam Control Bill for feedback. The bill proposes that anyone who suffers because of non-compliant spam hasa right to sue the spammer. Wow, what a blow! ‘Harvesting’ for email addresses over the net can also be used as grounds for filing a case in [...]


File Compression tools for Linux

Hi. I am back with yet another newbie friendly article on This article, talks about the compression and archiving formats/tools one comes across when working in linux. I wanted to explain to newbies what the difference was between a tarball and a gzip compressed file! Many people often have such confusion regarding bzip2, gzip [...]


A Spam Free Blogger?

I am sure the answer from the blogger guys would be Eventually! Recently, many reports have claimed that google’s blogger is home to countless spam blogs. And if you, like me, have ever used the excellent Next Blog feature, you’d know, like me, that those reports aren’t lying. Some good has come from all such [...]


10 words the spammers used most — Surprise!

There is no point reiterating the words as mentioned in this article, but I would like to stress on the fact that none of the words appear in any of the present day English dictionaries. On the top of the list is ndsfrwudG, which I believe has no relevent meaning in the 21st century. It [...]


Celebrations galore!

It’s getting out of hand now. All the writing, the reading, the buying and the celebrating. From where I stand, this looks like a pretty nice intro to a possibly big post. I have noticed that I tend to lax a bit a week before and a week or two after my exams. Lax as [...]


FTC wakes up to the in-effectiveness of Labelling email

The Federal Trade Commission had hoped for the impossible, when they wished that commercial emails be tagged as ADV. Proposed in the CAN-Spam Act, the FTC had thought that the tagging of unsolicited commercial email would make filtering easy. From the article: In its report, released in June, the FTC says that state laws requiring [...]

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