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Review: Grafpup Linux

I recently reviewed Grafpup Linux for It is a great distribution for all individuals involved with/interested in image processing and editing. It has tools such as Scribus, Gimp, BabelFish, et al. You can decide if you want to install it onto your hard disc in a measly 230 mb or run it live. You [...]


Demystifying copyleft licensing

Copyleft is opposite of copyright. While copyright is considered as a means to restrict a particular work, in terms of modifications and redistribution, copyleft ensures that any person who acquires any work has the freedom to modify and distribute, both the original as well as the modifications. Copyleft uses the Copyright Law to allow this. [...]


GPLv3 first draft released

The first draft of version 3 has been released to the public. I like version 3. Especially for its very lengthy Preable which talks about the Digital Rights Management and also some Patent issues. Here is what the GPLv3 says about DRM, DRM is fundamentally incompatible with the purpose of the GPL, which is to [...]


Spammers – monetary punishment or jail term

Happy New Year to you too! Wish you can satisfy your… If the spammers can still wish New Year without “belated” I sure as hell can. Anyway, there have been a lot of convictions recently against spammers and I just want to share that this is good news. We do want the spammers to suffer [...]

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