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Dock any application to the system tray

That is the title of my latest article. I had been wondering how some tools like Gaim and Rhythmbox can be minimized to the system tray and yet the majority of tools don’t allow for this. So, I dug around a bit, and came up with two tools — kdocker and alltray — that can [...]


ASCII art fun with boxes

After a forced hiatus (exams) from writing, I am back with an article on This one discusses the excellent tool called boxes that you can use to create some really awesome artwork. You can bind it to a text editor like vi and then you can use any of the designs on any selection [...]


New Wave of Hard Discs

The spinning hard discs that we have come to adore, and hate recently, would soon have siblings. Samsung and Seagate are both working on next generation hard discs and they couldn’t be doing things any more differently. Samsung is working on what it calls hybrid hard discs, where they are trying to integrate the spinning [...]


Why delaying Vista is a good idea

Recent studies have shown that beta version of Microsoft’s latest poster child — Vista — is a sucker for battery. That is, in comparison with Windows XP, Vista was found to be a major drain on the laptop’s batteries. Microsoft has announced that it is working on a fix for the battery drain and that [...]


Puppy Power

Brother Bodhi recently did an interview with the developers of the ultra light Puppy Linux. The interview is an interesting read, where Puppy developer Barry Kauler shares why he thinks Puppy is an ideal choice for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative. The interview also seeks to answer the ever important question of the [...]


Exams were fun!

My exams are over. During the two different set of exams for two different bachelor degree programmes, I had loads of fun. Here’s a brief of everything I did. From April 18th to 26th, I gave one set of exams. After this I went for a two day trip to Agra. The weather was terrible [...]

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