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Interpreting a software license

Is a glass half full or half empty? This eternal question sums up the challenge of interpreting a software license. So how does one avoid the pitfall of a wrong interpretation? Here is my thumb rule — never ignore the spirit in which the software license was created in the first place. The _biggest problem_ [...]


The GPL is not a compromise

Ever since the word (neigh, rumors) got out about a possible new version of the GPL being worked upon, people have been restless. There were talks about the issues this new version might and should address even before any official announcement was made by the Free Software Foundation that GPLv3 was a possibility. Now that [...]


Lightweight Conky is a system monitor powerhouse

Can’t believe I didn’t blog this. I have been too busy sorting some things these past couple of months and the coming exams don’t make tasks easier. Anyway, this article is about Conky, a lightweight yet powerful system monitor. From thr article: Conky is a lightweight system monitor that provides essential information in an easy-to-understand, [...]

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