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Expert tricks for Nautilus

My latest article on is now online. It talks of two Nautilus extensions that I really find useful. The article discusses 1) Opening terminal from within Nautilus and 2) Changing image resolution. The second is very special, since you can do away with opening any special program to change the resolution of the images. [...]


Implementing quotas to restrict disk space usage

My latest article on discusses implementing disk quotas to restrict a users’ disk space usage. From the article: If you manage a system that’s accessed by multiple users, you might have a user who hogs the disk space. Using disk quotas you can limit the amount of space available to each user. It’s fairly [...]


Secrets of the man command

My latest article on reveals two very useful albeit less known secrets of the man command. That’s right! The most used command on any Linux box, man, has two secrets that can save lives. Well almost. They do however save a lot of time, mouse clicks, head scratching and more. So head on over [...]

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