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Who’s Who at APPLE

Ever pondered the origin of the phrase: “The XYZ we/you/everyone loves to hate“? It’s been used a gazillion times — for people, places, cars, companies, and just about everything under the sun. Under the sun, heh, this phrase too deserves some ponderin’. But we can do that later. For now, click on this link right [...]


The LQ Blogs

Just a quick head’s up in case you weren’t aware of this., the ever-lovin’ forum boards that’s now so much more also allows members to run their blogs. If you ever run out of interesting stuff to read, or are never tired of reading people’s experiences with all things Linux, head on over to [...]


O’ ye beard trimmer

I’m sure you know of all kinds of people who write all kinds of blogs. Well, add me to that list too. After all these years, I’m going to break the silent promise I made to myself, when I said, “lala, I’m never going to blog about my personal preference, likes/dislikes, and the latest shopping”. [...]


Suit against CISCO, about damn time

That’s right. It’s been years in the making but better late than never. Long time offender Cisco, who the FSF had hoped to talk some sense into since establishing the compliance process in 2003, seems to be either a slow learner, or just plain cheat. As others have pointed out since this story broke out, [...]

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