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O’ ye beard trimmer

I’m sure you know of all kinds of people who write all kinds of blogs. Well, add me to that list too. After all these years, I’m going to break the silent promise I made to myself, when I said, “lala, I’m never going to blog about my personal preference, likes/dislikes, and the latest shopping”. It’s time I break that vow of secrecy and reveal everything to the world.

The first in this long list of revelations is my beloved Phillips QG3080 beard trimmer. This handy little 7-in-one is an absolute must if you’re not too keen on making conversation with the ever-friendly barber. It’s been months since I last visited the barber for haircut or getting my beard trimmed.

While I was only interested in a beard trimmer, to keep me from going RMS’s way, the QG3080 has enough extensions to truly justify it being called a complete grooming kit. Having used it for a few months now, I can safely conclude the barber didn’t do half as good a job as the QG3080. And it takes less than 10 min to trim my beard. Compare that with the 20 minute drive to the barber, add the discomfort of spending twice that many minutes in an uncomfortable chair listening to bad music or watching bad movies on the tee-vee and you can just about imagine how happy the little gizmo makes me.

Admittedly, the thing requires to be charged for hours before you get a 45min battery time, but that’s a very welcome tradeoff to the agony as described in the ‘graph above.

Keep trimmin’!

2 Responses to “O’ ye beard trimmer”

  1. 1
    Борода Says:

    Have you ever tried a straight razor? If “yes” – what do you think about it?

  2. 2
    linuxlala Says:

    Nah, I’ve never tried a straight razor. Just the use and discard type that I used to use many years ago. I’ve kept a beard since late 2002, and I’ve only twice shaved it off since. So, no razors for me anymore :)

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