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Hello, world! Welcome to my website. Do make yourself comfortable.

I am Shashank Sharma. I write.

I’ve been writing professionally for nearly a decade now. Most of my writing is geared towards helping people get the most out of free and open source software. I have written for some of the premier FOSS news sites including and Newsforge.

I currently write for the UK’s bestselling Linux magazine, Linux Format and OpenLogic’s Wazi.

I’ve also authored Beginning Fedora, a book on one of the best Linux distributions published by the leading publisher of IT books, Apress.

I have guest lectured at several institutes including the premier IT school in the country (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi), as an “industry expert”.

Among other things, I am very passionate about collaborative software and wish there was more of FOSS in education. Free and Open Source Software licensing is very close to my heart and is the surest way to get me to talk for hours.

Tired of appending my legal articles with the “I am not a Lawyer” disclaimer, I once again donned the backpack in 2010 and enrolled myself into law school.

In 2013, I completed my LL.B. degree and enrolled into the Delhi Bar Council.

I love Star Trek, and have been hooked on since the early days of TNG. I enjoyed Voyager and TOS and was a regular with Enterprise before it was unceremoniously pulled off.

You can reach me at linuxlala (AT)

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