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GNOME’s new release manager

Hearty congratulations to Frédéric Péters on his new role as the head of the GNOME Release Team! I had the pleasure of meeting Fred during the GNOME.Asia Hackfest and Conference. We had some interesting conversations, he was always eager to share his thoughts on just about everything, from his beginnings in Free Software to his [...]


Linux distributions new users should avoid

What distribution is ideal for me? This is by far the most often asked question on just about every forum board. New users are adopting Linux by the hordes everyday, and that’s a great thing, but because of the large number of distributions to choose from, they can’t help but wonder which is best for [...]


DVDisaster cover story in Linux Format 116

I wrote the cover story on DVDisaster for the latest issue of Linux Format magazine. This is my first article for LXF and it was a wonderful experience. It’s quite different from writing for in many ways. While pressed for a more to-the-point structure, LXF insists on entertaining readers and not being a [...]


Who’s Who at APPLE

Ever pondered the origin of the phrase: “The XYZ we/you/everyone loves to hate“? It’s been used a gazillion times — for people, places, cars, companies, and just about everything under the sun. Under the sun, heh, this phrase too deserves some ponderin’. But we can do that later. For now, click on this link right [...]


Suit against CISCO, about damn time

That’s right. It’s been years in the making but better late than never. Long time offender Cisco, who the FSF had hoped to talk some sense into since establishing the compliance process in 2003, seems to be either a slow learner, or just plain cheat. As others have pointed out since this story broke out, [...]


Tidy up your filesystem with FSlint

My latest article in now live on This time I talk about FSlint, a nifty little tool that helps you clean your filesystem by pointing out junk in the form of empty directories, corrupt symlinks, files with bad names, duplicate and temp files, and more. Enjoy the article and clean up your systems. Cheers!


UberScript lets you do more with XChat

That’s the title of my article about UberScript, the amazing XChat plugin. Ever since coming across UberScript, I’ve only heard great things about it. It really is a fantastic little tool that many people appreciate. Certainly makes my XChat experience more pleasant. Enjoy the article and have fun with UberScript. Cheers!


FSF Compliance Lab online meeting addresses license questions

I wrote an article for about the IRC meeting held on the 24th by the FSF Free Software Licensing and Compliance Lab. The purpose of the meet was to address some of the recent FUD surrounding GPLv3 and also to answer any questions about it or the other new licenses. GeekyBodhi submitted the article [...]


How do you impress existing Fedora users and attract new ones: Fedora 8.

I’m immensely excited about Fedora 8. What excites me you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. 1. The “werewolf” release Just about everybody and their kids nanny know by now that “werewolf” is one of the names in contention for Fedora 8. Spooky, did you say? Fantastic says I. It didn’t surprise me that werewolf was [...]


Extending Nautilus context menus with Nautilus-actions

My latest article on discusses the fantastic Nautilus-actions extension for Nautilus. There are literally dozens of plugins and extensions for Nautilus, the default file manager on the GNOME desktop environment, but there is just one that allows you to customize the Nautilus context menu items. The Nautilus-actions extension enables you to add customized entries [...]

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