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Yahoo Internet Lottery

Did y’all here this? I am set to receive $420,000.00! I never knew this, but apparently Yahoo mail gives random cash prizes to their members. I just got notified, and in all the excitement, the people at Yahoo! dropped the exclamation mark. Not once in the mail I just got is there and exclamation mark [...]


Tech writing and the need to be very carefull

I am absolutely amazed by the number of horrendous mistakes that make it to the final version of the published tech article. Any article, be it on clusters or spammers, is written so shabbily these days that it makes me really go back to the ROTFL days of my childhood. I was recently reading an [...]


Spammed by a Russian Abuse Group

I am being spammed on a regular basis by a spammer from Russia. He started his comment spam campaign against my T.O.W. with some home loan sites. I ran a whois and learnt that the IP had not been used (yet) to host any websites. Today, I was spammed again by him. This time, he [...]


WordPress anti-spam measures

WordPress is great. But you already know that. It is one of the most used blog cms. But you already know that. Blog spam is a major pain in the a****. But you already know that. Comment spam | Trackback spam | Referrer spam and there’s more. So, I am going to start a series [...]


Yahoo! and it’s spam prevention measures

Yahoo! is working on implementing a captcha to deter spammers. Or so it appears. There are times when I see the captcha and at times I don’t. Hence, the conclusion that yahoo! is still working on it. The funny thing is, I am absolutely bloody certain that people will complain about this. There point ofcourse [...]


A spiritual solution to Spam

It’s obvious isn’t it. There is a spiritual solution to every problem and Dr. Wayne Dyer can’t possible stress on this enough. Please allow me now to reflect on the spiritual solution to spam. Below you will find a few quotes, not mine, that you can apply to all areas in your life for possible [...]


Mobile Spam gets a code of conduct

The GSM Association, or GSMA, has brought together Bharti, Hutchinson, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone plus another couple of impressive mobile operators to sign a code of practice to collectively work on minimizing picture and text message spam. In all, 15 mobile operators have agreed to work with the GSMA to take action against erring spammers. The [...]


Spammers – monetary punishment or jail term

Happy New Year to you too! Wish you can satisfy your… If the spammers can still wish New Year without “belated” I sure as hell can. Anyway, there have been a lot of convictions recently against spammers and I just want to share that this is good news. We do want the spammers to suffer [...]


Google Blogger – Time for another spam survey?

I started my blogging with google’s blogger. That blog still exists, although it has not been updated in months. After all the fuss about spam and porn and useless blogs at blogger, some action was taken to curb the growing number of waste blogs. But, now there is a greater menace prowling. It’s comment spam. [...]


Look who’s working overtime!

The latest internet security report by Symantec Corp. is out and guess what it claims? The report, covering the period from January to June informs that phishing attacks have increased from 2.99 million messages a day to 5.7 million. Of the 50 malicious code samples taken in the period, 74 percent represent cases exposed a [...]

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