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Quick intro to Trademarks

Many awkward comments on recently published blogs on ComputerWorld, discussing Trademarks, have forced this post out of the drafts. Sorry post, I can only imagine how you suffered waiting in the ever growing queue. Paul W. Frields, the untiring Fedora project leader, conducted a Fedora IRC classroom in March regarding Fedora Trademarks. While it pertains [...]


Suit against CISCO, about damn time

That’s right. It’s been years in the making but better late than never. Long time offender Cisco, who the FSF had hoped to talk some sense into since establishing the compliance process in 2003, seems to be either a slow learner, or just plain cheat. As others have pointed out since this story broke out, [...]


FSF Compliance Lab online meeting addresses license questions

I wrote an article for about the IRC meeting held on the 24th by the FSF Free Software Licensing and Compliance Lab. The purpose of the meet was to address some of the recent FUD surrounding GPLv3 and also to answer any questions about it or the other new licenses. GeekyBodhi submitted the article [...]


Interpreting a software license

Is a glass half full or half empty? This eternal question sums up the challenge of interpreting a software license. So how does one avoid the pitfall of a wrong interpretation? Here is my thumb rule — never ignore the spirit in which the software license was created in the first place. The _biggest problem_ [...]


The GPL is not a compromise

Ever since the word (neigh, rumors) got out about a possible new version of the GPL being worked upon, people have been restless. There were talks about the issues this new version might and should address even before any official announcement was made by the Free Software Foundation that GPLv3 was a possibility. Now that [...]


Stallman, Torvalds, Moglen share views on DRM and GPLv3

I recently wrote about GPLv3 and what people have been saying about it. The article focusses on the specific DRM problem in regards to Copyleft/GPL and also on Linus’s views about the signing keys. As I have long been interested in software law and have also occasionally blogged about a few licensing issues, I thought [...]


Demystifying copyleft licensing

Copyleft is opposite of copyright. While copyright is considered as a means to restrict a particular work, in terms of modifications and redistribution, copyleft ensures that any person who acquires any work has the freedom to modify and distribute, both the original as well as the modifications. Copyleft uses the Copyright Law to allow this. [...]


GPLv3 first draft released

The first draft of version 3 has been released to the public. I like version 3. Especially for its very lengthy Preable which talks about the Digital Rights Management and also some Patent issues. Here is what the GPLv3 says about DRM, DRM is fundamentally incompatible with the purpose of the GPL, which is to [...]


GPL 3 generating loads of press

And it’s a good thing. I created a google alert for GPL and I am surprised by the amount of publicity it has generated. Even more so after the guidelines for version 3 were released last week by the FSF. You should read the Process Definition and maybe even join the GPLv3 development list if [...]

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