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GNOME’s new release manager

Hearty congratulations to Frédéric Péters on his new role as the head of the GNOME Release Team! I had the pleasure of meeting Fred during the GNOME.Asia Hackfest and Conference. We had some interesting conversations, he was always eager to share his thoughts on just about everything, from his beginnings in Free Software to his [...]


DVDisaster cover story in Linux Format 116

I wrote the cover story on DVDisaster for the latest issue of Linux Format magazine. This is my first article for LXF and it was a wonderful experience. It’s quite different from writing for in many ways. While pressed for a more to-the-point structure, LXF insists on entertaining readers and not being a [...]


Implementing quotas to restrict disk space usage

My latest article on discusses implementing disk quotas to restrict a users’ disk space usage. From the article: If you manage a system that’s accessed by multiple users, you might have a user who hogs the disk space. Using disk quotas you can limit the amount of space available to each user. It’s fairly [...]


Pain-free disk space management with LVM

Once again, I inform you all of my article after it has done it’s round on all major news websites (read: lxer, linuxtoday, etc.). This article is about LVM. It covers how to setup LVM and some of the popular use cases, like extending you logical volume or the size of the volume group. If [...]


Attack of the horrendously stupid 4-letter acronym copyright acts

First there was DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Then there was the EUCD (European Union Copyright Directive). Now there’s a possibility of a similar act for Canada. What are they going to call it — DSWU (Don’t Screw With Us). Preposterous!


Interpreting a software license

Is a glass half full or half empty? This eternal question sums up the challenge of interpreting a software license. So how does one avoid the pitfall of a wrong interpretation? Here is my thumb rule — never ignore the spirit in which the software license was created in the first place. The _biggest problem_ [...]


The GPL is not a compromise

Ever since the word (neigh, rumors) got out about a possible new version of the GPL being worked upon, people have been restless. There were talks about the issues this new version might and should address even before any official announcement was made by the Free Software Foundation that GPLv3 was a possibility. Now that [...]


New Wave of Hard Discs

The spinning hard discs that we have come to adore, and hate recently, would soon have siblings. Samsung and Seagate are both working on next generation hard discs and they couldn’t be doing things any more differently. Samsung is working on what it calls hybrid hard discs, where they are trying to integrate the spinning [...]


Why delaying Vista is a good idea

Recent studies have shown that beta version of Microsoft’s latest poster child — Vista — is a sucker for battery. That is, in comparison with Windows XP, Vista was found to be a major drain on the laptop’s batteries. Microsoft has announced that it is working on a fix for the battery drain and that [...]


Motorola A780 is a sight to behold

I just got myself a smartphone. The Motorola A780. Since laying my hands on it today around 1600 hours, I have been feverishly digging around. The 780 boasts of an Intel chip, a processor that is faster than my first PC. I bought my first desktop in early 96. The Pentium 166 Mhz. Oh, what [...]

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