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Create GUI dialogs for GNOME and KDE

Yoohooo! The sequel to my article on Dialog and Xdialog is up. This one focusses on Kdialog and Zenity — tools that can be used to create GTK+ and QT dialog boxes. That is, frontends made with Zenity are rendered exactly like any other application under GNOME. Ditto for Kdialog udner KDE. They are both [...]


The PHP search engine

The very hard working people over at php architect have created Beeblex — a PHP search engine. Use it to search for articles, blog entries, and just about everyplace where PHP is discussed. The Beeblex page also has a blog roll, so you’d always find some interesting link each time you drop over.


Creating Web albums with shalbum

My latest article is up on It is about Shalbum, a BASH script that uses ImageMagick to create web albums. A simple command can give you a very pretty web album and you can also have a description for each image. I was totally stunned when I first found out about shalbum. Eduardo, a [...]


Create relationship diagrams with GraphViz

So my latest article has been published on This one focusses on GraphViz, a graph visualization software. It’s pretty neat stuff if you need to make graphical representation of data such as mysql table relations. If you ever need to make graphs for any project report or presentation then this is the tool. You [...]


PHP and Error Control

PHP offers a unique way of error control. Keeping it away so no one notices! The @ operator, when prepended to any expression, ignores the error message generated from that expression. The @ operator works on one rule, if “it” can take a value then you can prepend “it” with the @ operator. This means [...]

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