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CSS cursor tricks

CSS is part of the punchline of my T.O.W. and yet I have hardly blogged about it. So here is another cool CSS trick to create different mouse cursors. Like so. There are two types of cursors widely prevalent on the web: (a) the I-kind, which you see whenever you hover your mouse over any [...]


NASA keeps its promise with web design

If you were wondering whatever happened to NASA’s desire of making all of their websites look similar, there is some good news. NASA, it seems, learnt about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and how it could provided a viable solution to their requirement. A web developer at the Goddart Space Flight Center, Bryan Stephenson, has designed [...]


Popular CSS resources

You know it’s worthy of a look if it’s on /dot. This story sheds light on some awesome CSS resources such as stylegala and Ruthsarian Layouts, among others. I have to admit, all the links in the article are indeed great resources for CSS. I feel that there are a couple of others which need [...]


CSS and the game of hide and seek!

You can do some cool things with the CSS. For starters, look at my more.htm page. It’s all CSS. The links are what I am talking about. All the information is on the same page. The links don’t take you to a seperate page. When you click on a link, it just displays the text [...]


Linking fun with CSS

I have a friend who is very interested in web designing. He is of the opinion that one should use as many colors as possible in a single web page to keep the viewer interested. He does not want to understand that the viewer might come to the site for the content. All he says [...]


Power of CSS

I am totally in love with CSS. It is such a powerfull yet simple technology. I totally love the way all the CMS’s available today have incorporated CSS into there software. And then there is S5. An amazing presentation tool that only requires a browser for you to run your presentations in. S5 is based [...]

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